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How can I set up my Fizik saddle?

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First, check if your saddle height has been set up correctly with respect to your physical characteristics; saddle height is a major factor in pedaling efficiency, comfort and avoiding injury on the bike, and there are a number of ways to determine proper fit. Secondly, it is crucial for you to adjust your saddle level; having your saddle set at the wrong angle can cause problems.

Your saddle should be at a neutral angle, so you’re sitting on the middle portion, not sliding forwards on the nose or backwards off the rear of the saddle. The best way to achieve this is to use a spirit level, positioning it from the rear to the nose. Start with a dead-level angle, and then adjust it, if required, depending on the way you ride and your most-comfortable position.

Please keep in mind that saddle set-up is subjective and depends on personal preference; our advice is purely suggestive based on typical best practices. To get the best fit and performance from your saddle, and to avoid discomfort or potential injury, we recommend seeking the assistance of a professional bike fitter when setting up your saddle.


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